Agriaku has raised $6 million in pre-Series A funding.

Agriaku, Indonesia’s leading agriculture venture announced its raising of $6Mn from GoVentures, MDI’s Arise, MDI’s Centauri and Mercycorps Social Ventures fund. 

In a statement on Thursday (Mar 3), Agriaku said additional investors who joined the funding round include MDI Arise, MDI Centauri, Mercy Corps Social Venture Fund and several angel investors.

Founded in May 2021, Agriaku offers a business-to-business marketplace platform to facilitate agribusiness activities. Farming supplies, such as seeds, fertilisers and agrochemicals are sourced from suppliers and sold to retailers, typically a local village shop, which distributes them to small farmers across Indonesia.

To date, the platform has over 10,000 registered retailers.

It allows farmers and retailers to access options with transparent pricing and provides suppliers with book keeping and inventory management tools, said Irvan Kolonas, president and co-founder of Agriaku.

With the fresh funds, Agriaku plans to increase its market penetration in Indonesia, expand its team and improve its product offerings.

Agriaku is one of our portfolio clients which we supported in the early stage to define the product and build the MVP. We are blessed to have been part of this journey with them.

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