Apple’s solution to Intel vulnerability will slow you down.

May 16, 2019
May 16, 2019 arnold.sebastian

There is a solution, but it will slow your computer down.

MacBook Air 2018Apple has a solution for the new vulnerability in Intel chips, but those who want to exclude abuse give up 40 percent processor power.

Dutch researchers discovered significant errors in Intel chips for computers and servers on Tuesday. These leaks allow malicious parties to access all data on computers, laptops, and servers, such as passwords and other sensitive information.

The vulnerabilities are in all Intel chips that have been made since 2008.

Apple offered a solution for the vulnerability on Wednesday. This solution is primarily intended for computers that are “at increased risk” and not for the average user’s Mac.

Users that are at risk are advised to disable hyperthreading. This means users hand in up to 40 percent of the speed of their device.

The unpleasant situation for Intel

IntelHyperthreading allows processors to spread tasks over their multiple cores, and it is precisely this technology that processors have had in recent years. Intel itself does not yet advise to disable hyperthreading, experts do.

Professor of computer security, Herbert Bos, for example, says that disabling hyperthreading is a solution to prevent targeted attacks on, for example, the PC of a company’s director.

The leak is a painful situation for Intel because this is the third time in just over a year that such a significant leak has been found. Apple, which has been putting Intel chips into its Mac computers for years, is now working on its own chip.

iPhones and iPads have been working with their own chip for years, and Apple recently hinted that any delay in the arrival of new Macs was due to Intel.

For more information on the fix please follow the link to the Apple Support Article: How to enable full mitigation for Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities

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