E-Commerce Development

We can help you sell your products like no other. We offer professional e-commerce development services tailored to your business size.

Magento E-Commerce

Magento will give you all professional tools from day one. Many big brands like Adidas, MAP and others alike are using Magento to sell their products online. We can help you to do the same in a fast and professional manner.


Are you selling a smaller collection of products but want to display them in a professional way? We can build you an e-commerce shop using the WooCommerce engine.

Custom E-Commerce Solution

Want to go all out and get you that new e-commerce giant? We can help you to build a custom e-commerce website for you. We have a vast experience in high traffic e-commerce websites that are ready for your TV campaign.

E-Commerce Project Examples

Launch, Sell, Repeat

Does not matter if you are a brand owner, principle, trader or retailer. We can make that e-commerce website or app that you need to outperform your competition.

With our e-commerce solutions, you will be able to maintain your product yourself and connect to all big payment providers.

We will advise you in what e-commerce solution is best for you and help you through the whole process. We have been building e-commerce websites for 18 years and can save you a lot of time and effort to get to your goal faster and easier.

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Development Process

Product Design Phase

First, we will define what you need. Do you need a corporate, e-commerce of intranet website? What is your target audience?

After this we will start deciding on the technology we will use and our initial timeline will be calculated.

Development Phase

Your product is now defined and ready for development by one or more of our development squads.

We are using Agile development methodology which varies from Scrum (Sprints) or Kanban board depending on the project.

We will set up a proper development, staging and production environment during the development so you can also see the work in progress on our staging setup.

Delivery Phase

Did we sign off all testing processes? Did we have a successful UAT? If both those questions we can answer with *yes* then we can release your website.

We will submit the initial sitemaps to the search engines so the world knows you are in business. We can also help you with SEO services or Online Marketing to get that amount of traffic you need to start making money.

Our Technology Stack

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