Nike Fit : Using AR to find your perfect fit.

May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019 arnold.sebastian

Nike Fit

Nike Fit AR

The app registers the difference between feet and the floor and makes a scan based on that.

Nike is working on an update for its app, which allows users to use augmented reality to measure their shoe size.

The sports brand calls the new Nike Fit function and is part of the regular Nike app. When people use the app and select a shoe, they can use their phone’s camera to measure their feet. Nike states that around 60 percent of people wear the wrong shoe size.

The app registers the difference between feet and the floor and makes a scan based on that. Nike Fit can measure the feet separately. Length, width, and size are recorded. Upon completion of the scan, the app shows the shoe size for the proper Nike shoe.

According to Nike, the size is accurate to two millimeters. The shoe size is determined based on the measurement and is compared with data from people who have the same type of size.

The option will be made available in the US version of the Nike app in the summer and will arrive in Europe in August.

Source : Nike will help customers to choose right size of the shoes ….

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