Outsourced Product Development

We build your dedicated product and engineering department under our day to day management.

Do you want to launch a new digital product?

You have a great idea for a mobile app or another digital product but have no resources to build it. We can now help you to leapfrog the competition and get you started right away.

Usually, it is challenging to start a new product in your current organization, or you do not have the talents to manage your product & engineering teams.

Sprout’s Outsourced Product Development was created to help businesses to speed up there go to market time and test their assumptions. We can help you develop a fast POC without those months of hiring to find that perfect team.

Option 1: Proof of Concept Project.

If you want to test a new idea in the market but you do not have the budget yet to hire a full team permanently you could use this alternative.

We will set up a full team for you consisting of Product Managers, UI/UX Specialists, Developers, and System Architects.

Besides that, you will also get a Project Director assigned who will be your private business partner for this project. The Project Director will represent you to stakeholders and can even introduce you to possible investors if there would be a proper fit.

The above team will work full time to build your Proof of Concept and do a proper study to make sure you will develop the right thing.

We will do that by setting up interviews with your possible customers and also product discovery workshops in which we confirm our initial concepts before we start developing.

Our objective is to get you that best product that your end users would love to use.

Option 2: Build, Operate & Transfer.

You know you want to build this product, but you want to concentrate on getting your initial traction and talking to partners and possible investors.

We understand that you know best how to do your type of business, but we can function as your product and engineering partner.

A lot of successful start-ups consist out of 2 co-founders. One founder is the one that understands the business side and makes sure the company hits the KPI’s. The other founder usually serves the technical side of the company and makes sure that the best possible solution is build that suits the companies missions and targets.

We can be that technical founder for you. We will set up a dedicated team for your company that will have the same company culture as you have. So it will feel like a remote branch of your company.

To make sure all is organized professionally, we will set up a new company together with you. We will hire all the full-time employees in that company that will work for you in your remote product and engineering branch. We will take care of all the HR and general affairs related things so you and of course the day to day management of your team members.

We see this option as a full partnership in which we are both aiming to get the best possible outcome. We will also use our channels to make sure we make headway in the most optimal way possible.

If you would like to get a more comprehensive explanation about this option, please contact us.

Our Technology Stack

These are the tools we use to manage the product and engineering team in the best possible way.

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