What is Jira & Confluence?

April 23, 2019
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April 23, 2019 arnold.sebastian

When we start a project we always start setting up our Confluence and Jira environment. This is because we think it is important that all information is centralized and available for all the team members. This so if something is changed in the product roadmap all users get notified and can see the reasoning of the changes.

Jira & Confluence are a part of the Atlassian suite which has become the standard for high-quality agile development teams.

Jira Confluence

Jira Confluence Atlassian

We are using the following solutions from the Atlassian Suite:


Here we store our user stories and all related business information. Confluence helps us to keep all important and detailed information in a centralized location. Easy for a team member to create, edit and collaborate on the project information.

All our product and technical documentation are stored in confluence.


This is the main application from which our developers and testers work. It is used to plan, track, and release your software projects.

All user stories are broken down into development tickets and sized accordingly. Depending on the project they will be displayed on Scrum or Kanban boards. Because of using Jira everyone knows who is working on which part of the project.

Usually, the information on the ticket is more technical. If the developer wants to get more product information there is a link to the related user story on Confluence. On Confluence, they will find more end to end information including flows and screens.


We use Bitbucket to store all our code which our developers write. This helps them to collaborate and store all code in a safe and accessible place. From our Bitbucket, we can automatically deploy to our servers and deploy code in a very structured manner.

Bitbucket also offers a full history of all files and their previous known versions.

Bitbucket is our please to code, test and deploy our projects.

For more information on the Atlassian Suite please visit their website: https://www.atlassian.com/

“I will go on the record, wholeheartedly, saying JIRA is a fantastic piece of software that helps companies organise and manage their work,” Dan Nolan, co-founder of Proxima, a Sydney software start-up, says. “And without it my company would barely be able to function”


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